All FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams need access to a LEGO WeDo 2.0 Core Set as the basis for constructing their model. This is a 1-off purchase and is reused in future seasons. LEGO Education items can be purchased from Modern Teaching Aids and software may be downloaded from


In addition to the annual FIRST LEGO League Challenge set supplied as part of registration teams need access to a LEGO Mindstorms robot set (any variant is permitted). This is a one time purchase and is completely reusable in future seasons. Sets can be purchased from (retail version) and Modern Teaching Aids (education version). Kiwi FIRST has a limited number of loan robot sets available for those getting started. LEGO Education software can be downloaded from

FIRST Tech Challenge

In recent seasons the FTC base set options have increased siginificantly and now permit all robot construction sets including VEX. There are still constraints on control electronics and motor types so there's a level playing field however mechanically almost anything goes (check the game manual part 1 for details). Use wood, aluminium extrusions, PVC pipe, TETRIX, VEX, 3D printing and even duct tape. In the 2016/2017 NZ FTC season we require teams to use the VEX EDR Cortex controller, joystick and VEXnet adapters which together with Modern Robotics Core modules and a special bridge module provide reliable operation without hurdles. There are some NZ specific game rule modifications covering the changes in control electronics we will release at FTC game kickoff on 11 September 2016. Kiwi FIRST can supply the TETRIX FTC Competition Kit and any listed TETRIX spare parts. You can however utilize almost any raw materials in conjunction with the robot kit however please check the game manual carefully. Sponsorship for raw materials is readily obtained since the suppliers are often local and directly benefit from any media exposure.

We recommend the TETRIX MAX FTC Competition Set.

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FIRST Tech Challenge - FIRST Relic Recovery season registration is open. Limited team slots available! FIRST LEGO League HYDRO DYNAMICS and FLL Jr. AQUA ADVENTURE registrations opening August 2017.

Success in St Louis.


FTC Team 5110 Wingus & Dingus
NZ team FTC 5110 Wingus & Dingus made it all the way to division finals at the 2016 FTC World Championship competing alongside their alliance partners 6137 RoBoties and 4997 Masquerade.

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