Breaking news! We're piloting FIRST LEGO League Jr. in New Zealand in the 2017/2018 Aqua Adventure season!

Welcome to FIRST LEGO League Jr.

Focused on building an interest in science and engineering in children ages 6-9, FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. is a hands-on program designed to capture young children's inherent curiosity and direct it toward discovering the possibilities of improving the world around them.  Just like FIRST® LEGO® League, this program features a real-world challenge, to be solved by research, critical thinking and imagination. Guided by adult coaches and the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. Core Values, students work with LEGO elements and moving parts to build ideas and concepts and present them for review.

Team Members get to:

  Design and build challenge solutions using LEGO WeDo 2.0
  Apply real-world math and science concept
  Research challenges facing today’s scientists
  Learn team building and presentation skills
  Develop Show Me poster

Recent News

Register your teams now!

FIRST LEGO League ANIMAL ALLIES and FIRST LEGO League Jr. CREATURE CRAZE season registration is open now for teams participating in New Zealand 2017 events. Limited places available and registration closes 30 June 2017 or earlier if event slots filled.

Success in St Louis.


FTC Team 5110 Wingus & Dingus
NZ team FTC 5110 Wingus & Dingus made it all the way to division finals at the 2016 FTC World Championship competing alongside their alliance partners 6137 RoBoties and 4997 Masquerade.

About Kiwi FIRST

 Founded in 2009 by Electronics Engineer Jason Kyle - The Kiwi FIRST Robotics Charitable Trust aims to involve students in exciting real world based STEM through well established US FIRST global robotics programs.